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Are You Wearing The Right Shoes?
Are You Wearing The Right Shoes?

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Are You Wearing The Right Shoes?.

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26 thoughts on “Are You Wearing The Right Shoes? | ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องกับรองเท้า เวท เทรน นิ่งที่มีรายละเอียดมากที่สุด

  1. K says:

    I am 6.5 and have really wide feet especially when I walk a lot or do work or hit the gym they swell up and + the nike socks makes almost any shoe squish my toes. As a kid I only had 2 pairs of narrow shoes growing up and it led to a lot of my toes going inside instead of normal outside when you look at my foot.
    I wear air forces and air max 90's for my normal days but can only workout in wide shoes, I ordered some New Balances for the gym since they seem to be quite wide.

  2. Progamer 315 says:

    Help me i have 2 shoulders that are messed up, left one is in constant pain and cracks with any movement and can get locked up and i have to undo the movement that locked the arm to fix it, and my right shoulder has a point where it will physically jump a section in my muscles where its idk but i can't make a full rotation with it and when i hit that jump in my mobility its painful as hell, and because of the left shoulder being out of place its effecting my neck now and is pinching nerves on the top of my spine and because of the pinching in my spine the bottom of my spine is being pinched and my hips are being effected by the lower spine and making them have serious pressure all the time so i have to crack my back but by cracking my back its hurting my spine which made the middle of my spine extremely weak i can't lift a empty plate without feeling seriously crushing in the middle of my spine and it hurts so much, i am 17 years old this shouldn't be happening to me yet this is a cry for help doctors don't know what is wrong with me a chiropractor made everything worse and all i hear from everyone is we can't help you, someone who has any possible idea or know anyone who might please help me im in so much pain always

  3. Steeve Ho You Fat says:

    It's funny I came across your channel and this video in particular. I was literally just thinking about this for about a week after noticing the shoes a lot of people would wear when working out and a lot of them did not look like they were good enough for the job. It'd be easy to assume shoes don't matter since you're mostly stationary (I didn't think they did that much for a while), but I started to take notice when setting people do certain exercises and dealing with heavier weight.

    And just for that you earned a new sub.

  4. Stevie says:

    I realised this very early on that regular trainers are not good enough to use. I noticed my balance was off and also cushioned shoes take a small percentage of the weight your lifting.

  5. SpectreHub says:

    Tried an Amazon wide toe minimalist shoe and god it’s both cheap, resilient, and looks nice, and my feet have never felt better when combined with foot integrated exercises. Only issue is it sucks on rocky terrain and sometimes actually feels loose, but pretty minor issues while working out