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Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine Review

นอกจากการเรียนรู้เนื้อหาของบทความ Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine Review นี้แล้ว ติดตามบทความเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง


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Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine Review.

titan fitness.

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36 thoughts on “Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine Review | titan fitnessเนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้องที่มีรายละเอียดมากที่สุด

  1. 7renewurmind says:

    Can you demo rear delts on this machine. Is it doable. There is a piece of equipment I currently use in the gym that has side raise features but I am also able to do bent over rear delts as well. Can you demo or explain if this can meet that need as well? Thanks…

  2. yorkiepit says:

    I bought this on sale two weeks ago was also was able to combine it with a 10% coupon code, so it was $382. Five days later the leg press went on sale for $404, but they wised up and I couldn't use the 10% coupon code.

    Both machines are excellent and extremely well built, probably over built.

  3. Jason Rosenblatt says:

    You didn’t demo the standing viking press- one of the best features this machine offers! Just press standing up and facing the machine and lean slightly forward while pressing

  4. Wah Foo says:

    Everyone is speaking of the TDS. I have the Yukon which has that same seat pad. I dislike the pad I think it's too big for the mount they use which makes it a bit wobbly. I would prefer a smaller pad for that reason.

  5. Michael DeFrancesco says:

    I wound up getting the TDS Shoulder Press/Deltoid Machine from New York Barbell instead. Seen too many Titan Fitness defects. And since I already own both from Titan Fitness and NEW YORK BARBELL/TDS. I already know which is closest to a Higher Quality Commercial Grade Machine. That being TDS. Still like Titan Fitness. But not their defects. Even the TDS Seat and Back Rest is a more comfortable, thicker, and higher quality. No bent parts here. And their Bearings are Super Smooth. Like it should be. Anyways, Great video. I still am waiting for Titans Chest Fly/Shoulder machine to be back in stock. That machine is one of Titans best machines.

  6. RJR1981 says:

    Nice review but that seems like a piece of junk man! I do have several Titan pieces but this isnt worth the money IMO. Standing OHP's or use all those dumbbells you have to get a great shoulder workout in.

  7. Carmine S…. says:

    Question.. I have a low ceiling basement.. what’s the height on that machine when it’s on the up position ?? Or how tall are you to get an idea on the height of that machine

  8. Home Gym Hacks and Reviews says:

    Carlos, solid review! I don’t really have the room, but I have been thinking about getting this; mostly for the side raise feature. Thanks!

  9. Ver Bal says:

    Nice. I just bought one and had it for about 2 weeks now..i was missing one of those ball bearings that keep the upper arms in place..either titan only put one or it fell out since they left it attached to the upright and i was able to buy off amazon since it has a specific size and got it 2 days after, otherwise i had to wait for titan send me one which might take a while..other than that, it's well worth the money

  10. Jon Con says:

    I was considering getting this for awhile, but ultimately I decided I can do these exercises with dumbbells and a barbell OHP, and to spend my money on something else.


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